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Mobile Applications / Internet of Things

Our offering in this area uses the SnowShoe Stamp to join the dots between the physical world and the internet.

Each stamp is a piece of plastic contains a fingerprint comprising 5 points positioned in a unique position that can be sensed by the capacitive screen of a mobile device via a web page displayed by the device. Stamping the screen triggers the web page to identify the unique stamp and to then trigger an action or process applicable to that combination of device and stamp.  Snowshoe Stamp principle






Some Use Cases for the SnowShoe Stamp are:

  • Access control systems
  • Mobile ticket authorisation
  • Construction industry – central tracking of goods receipt at building sites via mobile device
  • Construction industry – recording of asset inspection via mobile device and snow shoe stamp linked to
  • Museums – trigger mobile delivered content in the user’s language by the visitor stamping their mobile phone with a stamp next to exhibits.
  • Mobile gaming – trigger game functions dependent on the stamp used. e.g. select which character you want to play, or select which weapons the character can use.

For a simple demo of the SnowShoe Stamp click here

SnowShoe Stamp Demo

3D Scanning and Printing 

  • Lifelike mini replica’s of yourself or your family or your team.
    • Wedding cake toppers of bride and groom
    • Graduation day
    • Anniversary
    • Gifts for parents and grandparents